About Us


Sigma Energy Storage contributes to the global fight against climate change by providing clean energy storage technology that will reduce fossil fuel consumption and facilitate the adoption of intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and tidal power.


Sigma Energy Storage and its scalable technology have been recognized by several innovation and entrepreneurship prizes in the field of environment and sustainable development. In 2014 Sigma was honored at the Quebec Entrepreneurship Awards. In 2015, a fully-functional Alpha prototype was completed. In 2016, Sigma Energy Storage secured Sustainable Development Technologies Canada funding, won the ENERGY GLOBE National Award for Canada, and was a finalist at the London-based EI Awards (Environment) and Quebec’s ADRIQ Innovation Gala (Green Innovation). In 2017 Sigma brought home two Accolades awards (Montreal West Island Chamber of Commerce) – High Technology & Innovation and Sustainable Development.


Our well-rounded team of engineers, scientists, and business leaders includes seasoned experts and fresh talent, combining proven technology development experience and cutting-edge innovation. We share the belief that excellence and client-oriented solutions are the product of our integrity and competitive spirit.


A thriving knowledge ecosystem, including partners in the public, private, and industrial sectors, contributes to Sigma Energy Storage’s technical and commercial development.

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