CAES-SES Technology

We combine high air pressure, cutting-edge thermal recovery, and proven off-the-shelf components to deliver unparalleled efficiency and longevity.

The global, patent-pending (PCT, CIP, GCC) solution developed by Sigma Energy Storage differentiates itself in terms of improved performance, flexibility, scalability and respect for the environment.

Through the diversity of our expertise in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and thermodynamic engineering, the Sigma Energy Storage solution has been designed to maximize thermal energy (heat) recovery during the air compression process in our storage unit. This thermal recovery system combines a unique thermal fluid, formulated with unique ingredients that contribute to the efficiency of the Sigma Energy Storage solution. About 90% of the Sigma system is composed of off-the-shelf parts that have been proven in a variety of industrial settings, so the lifespan of the CAES-SES is estimated to be over 24,000 cycles (complete or partial).

Sigma has produced a small-scale Alpha prototype and is currently in the process of designing and building a full-scale 500 kW / 2 MWh Beta unit, which can ultimately be scaled up or down as needed for various applications.

The Sigma CAES-SES is based on compressed air energy storage (CAES), where excess electricity is used to pressurize gas (air) which is stored until it is needed to drive a generator. To maximize system performance, all the way from initial storage to electricity regeneration, our thermal energy recovery system plays a key role.

This system includes the Sigma Thermal Exchanger, which operates under high-pressure and high-heat conditions, and our proprietary Sigma Thermal Fluid. The combination of high air pressure and high temperature distinguishes the CAES-SES from other classic CAES technologies and results in high round-trip efficiency and high energy density for the system.

This energy density enables the energy storage system to fit into standard shipping containers, making it highly portable, while also being ready to connect upon delivery (Connectivity-Ready Container). The CAES-SES can thus be placed with ease in remote areas and repositioned as needed. The low freezing point and wide operating temperature range of the thermal recovery system makes the Sigma CAES-SES uniquely suitable for use in extreme climates (hot or cold), including Arctic regions. As a CAES-SES has an estimated lifespan of over 24,000 cycles (over 20 years of regular use), it lasts much longer and thus has a much lower levelized cost of energy than other storage systems on the market, especially batteries.

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