Sigma Energy Storage: Robust energy storage, cleaner energy

Energy storage, especially in combination with renewable power, has the potential to reduce the use of diesel in islanded micro-grids, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Renewables can be unpredictable or intermittent, as energy is generated in fits and bursts depending on wind, tide, water flow or sunlight. Energy storage technologies, such as Sigma Energy Storage’s CAES-SES, enable this intermittent power, or excess diesel-generated power, to be stored and made available when needed. This allows renewable energy to be better integrated into an electric grid.

In remote areas that rely on diesel generators, energy storage can be used to cut costly fossil fuel consumption by minimizing energy waste as well as by integrating renewables.

Sigma Energy Storage has developed and designed a portable and climate-resistant thermomechanical compressed air energy storage system. This system, the CAES-SES, integrates a proprietary thermal recovery system to store energy and distribute it easily and efficiently through the use of a specially-formulated, thermal-oil based fluid that includes molten salts and nanomaterials.

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